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I’m all for fairness and equality, in fact I find it completely retarded that anyone has to ever even say something like that it should be so obvious.

Equal opportunity for everyone everyone, same pay for the same job at the same quality and all of those things. That everyone has the right to vote, that all women of all religions have the right to an education and the hundreds of softer issues I’m not mentioning.

I a very proud man and I can tell you honestly that I won’t believe that I’d be intimidated by it for a second if my wife earned a lot more than I did, if she was the bread winner in the house. In fact I think I’d be happy and grateful for it.

But what would I do if she had a bigger dick than I did, now there’s a conundrum right there.

Check out this sweet Pure TS discount for 57% in savings where, like the case in this pic, the chicks’ dicks are sometimes bigger than the guys’.

And here’s are a whole bunch more shemale porn discounts to choose from.

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But the special discount offers are not.

Get a 46% off discount to Ladyboy Ladyboy, yup, in case you didn’t hear it the first time. That’s the crazy special for the 1 year memberships but there is also a monthly discount for 17% off. The beauty of the monthly offer is that you can extend it into a lifetime discount and the way that works is if you renew the membership for the following month you will keep the special deal rate. You can keep doing this for the rest of your life and will benefit from the current special rate without it ever increasing, yup, inflation free for life. Even when the special is past you will still get your special rate.

The site is massive by the way. Usually there is not the biggest selection with such niche sites but this one showcases the work of almost 2,000 shemale models of Asian decent. You know the one you are warned about when you go on holiday to Thailand as example.

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And it’s blowing my mind.

No seriously, my mind is doing a confusion wobbly looking at this, She is so pretty that I can guarantee that I would have stared or done a double take if I saw her in public. Yet here is she is tugging at her cock… “something’s fucky” my mind keeps insisting and you know what, he’s right.

All of this is completely fucky and that is exactly the point. It’s all sexual, it’s all porn and in the name of porn anything goes.

I can’t help notice the nasty scar at the bottom of the left nipple though and I’m sorry to point that out as I really don’t mean to take away from the mood this scene creates, but I can’t help to think that as amazing as the science is it seems we occasionally have a long way to go still.

That aside though and back to the hotness; if you want more and you know that you do you can save 41% off on this Trans500 discount which is a nice saving off the regular price of a 30-day pass.

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